What is an affiliated organization?
It is a separate entity that contributes to the overall mission of Georgia Tech by enabling the institute to do things that it can't do as a state institution.

Who are Georgia Tech's primary affiliated organizations?
Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures (GATV), Georgia Tech Facilities, Inc. (GTFI), Georgia Tech Foundation (GTF), Georgia Tech Athletic Association (GTAA), Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC), Georgia Tech Alumni Association are the Institute’s primary affiliated organizations.

What does Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures do?
Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures (GATV) is a Georgia non-profit corporation formed as a supporting organization of the Georgia Institute of Technology.  GATV's focus is on technology, commercialization, economic development, and relevant real estate development.  GATV provides support for technology transfer and economic activities including Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) incubator facilities and services to ATDC-affiliated companies.

What does Georgia Tech Facilities, Inc. do?
Georgia Tech Facilities, Inc. (GTFI), is a Georgia non-profit corporation that promotes and supports the Georgia Institute of Technology, principally by financing and constructing buildings and facilities for use by the Institute.  GTFI enables Georgia Tech to take advantage of alternative funding sources to address its facilities needs, including the use of private funds available for a particular project and bond financings by or on behalf of GTFI.  The organization has issued tax-exempt and taxable bonds for the purpose of funding projects for the benefit of Georgia Tech, which are supported by an annually renewable lease of the completed project by Georgia Tech.

Where can I get more information on Georgia Tech's affiliated organizations?
Please refer to the Office of Affiliated Organizations website for more information.  Audited financial statements and tax returns for several of the affiliated organizations are available on the Finance and Planning website.

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