I have a new GTF number that was assigned at year end, but no funds are showing available. When will they be posted to my project?

GTF's closeout for the fiscal year does not occur on June 30th like the Institute's.  All new funds for endowments and sponsored projects will be fed over between September and October, once GTF has completed their closeout.

If I need a PI change or Term extension posted, what do I need to do?

Send an email request to the accountant responsible for your project with the necessary information to change the Project Director and Term date. Term date extension is based on available funds showing at that time.

I need a sub project assigned. What do I need to do?

You will need to send a Budget Revision request to gc.ask@business.gatech.edu, requesting a new sub project be assigned.  The budget distribution will be needed to transfer the budget between your main project and sub project request.  Be sure to give an explanation of what you need in the Remarks section at the bottom of the revision form.

Can all GTF charges be moved via the Request for Cost Transfer Sponsored Projects Form?

GTF charges can and should be moved from or to other GTF, Sponsored, State or Agency projects, by submitting a completed form to either Grants & Contracts or the Controller's Office. However, sometimes a request can be sent directly to GTF via the request form or an email ONLY if the charges are in the Other Memo category and being moved between two different GTF account numbers.

Can charges be moved to a project that is in "overrun" status if GTF funds are expected to be received for that project?

No, charges cannot be moved onto a project that is in overrun status awaiting GTF funds.

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