The Financial Management Knowledge Development (FMKD) training series was designed to help all members of Georgia Tech’s financial community develop a consistent, accurate, and thorough understanding of our dynamic business operations and management processes. The courses were developed by financial subject matter experts throughout the Institute, in collaboration with Human Resources' Workplace Learning and Professional Development (WLPD) group.

This series consists of two tracks. The Financial Fundamentals (FF) track is designed to build a strong knowledge base of Georgia Tech’s financial operations and management processes.  This series offers focused training in many different areas including Financial Administration, Basic Accounting, Payroll Fundamentals, Cash Management and Bursar Operations, Insurance and Claims Management, Procure to Pay, Travel and many more.  The Extramural Sponsored Programs (ESP) track builds off this foundation and provides training to employees involved in the financial management of grants and contracts.  This series offers focused training regarding the regulatory environment, proposal development, closeout and more. Each course is approximately 30-45 minutes long and includes interactive quizzes that must be passed in order to receive credit for the course.

The Controller’s Office was intricately involved in the design of the following Financial Fundamental courses for Georgia Tech’s financial community:

Financial Administration

The Financial Administration course is the first course in the Financial Fundamentals series.  This course aims to provide a broad financial foundation that accounting and finance staff will build on over the subsequent courses in this series.  This course covers the following topical areas:

  • The core responsibilities associated with financial management roles on campus.
  • Georgia Tech’s Code of Ethics, the University System of Georgia’s Code of Conduct, and Georgia Tech’s Conflict of Interest Policy and how one can embody these standards in everyday financial duties.
  • The role of the Division of Administration and Finance in managing the Institute’s financial integrity.
  • The key accounting and finance departments and the services they provide.
  • Financial policies and resources designed to assist one with financial responsibilities.

Basic Accounting

The Basic Accounting course is designed to teach users about the basic accounting concepts, processes and structures in place at Georgia Tech and how they impact financial professionals.  This course covers the following topical areas:

  • The basic concepts of Fund Accounting.
  • Georgia Tech’s Chart of Accounts (COA) including chartfield values and numbering conventions.
  • The different types of Journal Entries and when to properly use them.
  • The basic Financial Reports used to manage the Institute’s finances.

Fiscal Year End

This Fiscal Year End course is the final course in the Financial Fundamentals series.  This course is designed to help accounting and finance staff members develop an understanding of fiscal year-end and its importance in accounting and finance, a basic knowledge of the roles of Georgia Tech’s central business office and campus academic, administrative and research units as it relates to fiscal year-end and an understanding of fiscal year-end and financial reporting dates and timelines.

The FF and ESP tracks of the FMKD training series can be accessed via the following web link -

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